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I have never really thought about photography that much. Photos were something I took with my compact camera or my phone.
However after playing around with photoshop on some of my photos I found that it was real fun to experiment with the different aspects of image manipulation. Now as the images I mostly like to make are close-up photos, I soon ran into limitations with my compact camera.
The natural next step was to get a more sophisicated camera. I don't know how many reviews I have read in the month before I finally bought my camera. But I know it was a lot!
My choice finally settled on the Canon EOS 80D. It was in a price range I was comfortable with, with the features I reckoned I would mostly need. I am no expert on photography, and probably never will be. And quite frankly I don't really mind. Having fun is the most important part for me. Else it's just another thing you "need" to do ...

Walking in the woods I came upon this scene.

One of my first ventures with my new camera.
My first photos with my 80D was shot in my living room. Most photos I immediately deleted, as they were just too horrible to show to the world.
I think I made about 20 photos of this flower before I found one that could be used. Almost all images are processed with Lightroom and Photoshop before they are published.

Aside from making photos in my sparetime, I also work as an Technical Engineer. There was a vacuum pump that were scrapped at work, and I thought it could be fun to take it apart. I took it home with me and did just that.
A photo of an inner part of a vacuum pump.
You are free to use the images on this site, but please give me credit if you do ;-)
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